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From:mos Date:June 26 2006 3:13pm
Subject:Re: A lot of HD Writing
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At 10:36 AM 6/25/2006, Santiago del Castillo wrote:
>Hi, thanks for answering!
>I am using MyISAM tables.
>So, based in your answer i assume that is usual to have a lot of HD 
>Writing, isn't it?

Only if your application is writing to the database. If you have no 
application running, then MySQL should have no activity. So you must have 
some sort of application writing or reading from the database.

What does "Show ProcessList" display? (Run MySQL.Exe and run this command.) 
This will tell you which user is connected to the database and what sql 
command is executing. Post the results here so we can look at it.


>mos wrote:
>>At 06:55 PM 6/24/2006, Santiago del Castillo wrote:
>>>Hi, is usual to have a lot of HD writing on a MySQL server where (according
>>>to mytop) there are between 800 and 1200 queries per second? my MRTG is
>>>showing a lot of HD Writing and i wanted to know if it's usual. The database
>>>is growing about 11 MB every 3 minutes.
>>>FYI, I don't have any log-type (binlog, queries log or slow queries log)
>>Well, if this keeps up, you better run out and buy more hard drives.<g>
>>Are you using InnoDb or MyISAM tables?
>>You can run "Show ProcessList" to see what task is currently executing on 
>>the MySQL server.
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