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From:Karl Larsen Date:June 22 2006 11:02pm
Subject:Re: Exclusion Query
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Jeremy Rottman wrote:
> I am working on an MLS Exclusion report.
> In on table1 I have all the information we collect for our files. Each 
> day I
> download an update our mls table (table2).
> what I am trying to do is find all the records in table2 that are not in
> table1.
> This is the query that I am using.
> select *
> from tbl_IDX_Coded_RES
> where
> tbl_IDX_Coded_RES.StreetNumDisplay
> Not IN (select status.fld_house_number from status where (fld_file_number
> like 'L0%') and (fld_archived = '0'))
> The problem is it is not returning the correct information.
    I guess tbl_IDX_Coded_RES is your table. I would do this:

FROM tbl_IDX_Coded_RES
WHERE  tbl_IDX_Coded_RES.StreetNumDisplay
AND != (select status.fld_house_number from status where (fld_file_number
like 'L0%') and (fld_archived = '0'));


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