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From:George Law Date:June 21 2006 8:57pm
Subject:RE: reclaim disk space
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I had to do some disk space recovery mysql last month...

I have backed up some of the raw .MYI, .MYD files and deleted them from
the data directory.  Running 5.0.18, I had to shut down mysql and
restart before it freed up the space.

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> Subject: Re: reclaim disk space
> In the last episode (Jun 21), luiz Rafael said:
> > how to reclain the disk space used by an table that was dropped?
> For most storage engines, each table is in its own file so a dropped
> table immediately returns space back to the OS.  For InnoDB in
> tablespace mode (i.e. innodb_file_per_table is unset), you will have
> back up and drop all your InnoDB tables, delete the tablespace files,
> and reload the tables.
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