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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 17 1999 7:59pm
Subject:auto_increment problem
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>>>>> "Lew" == Lew Barnesson <lewb@stripped> writes:

Lew> Hi,
Lew> I began using auto_increment in an extensive system (46 'C' CGI programs on
Lew> Win NT 4.0 server ) back in the 3.21.x days; back when I didn't know about
Lew> the problem of a delete freeing up a previously used auto_increment-assigned
Lew> number/id. My system assumes uniqueness accross not only the database, but
Lew> archived deleted rows.

Lew> I understand this problem will be resolved in 3.23.0. Is this correct, and
Lew> when can I expect to see this release? My system is going production very
Lew> shortly, so I need to decide to wait for resolution, or to create my own
Lew> unique id assignments.

Lew> My complements to Monty and crew for this very fine mysql.

Lew> Regards to all.

Lew> -Lew Barnesson

Yes, MySQL 3.23 will solve this problem.  I will also very shortly release an
alpha version of this.  The problem is of course when the 3.23 version 
will be ready for production use. (We will of course test 3.23 very
throughly, but its very hard to test the new ISAM as good as the old
ISAM has been tested the past few years)

You can also in the MySQL manual find an example how to solve this
problem by using the LAST_INSERT_ID() function.

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