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From:Chad Cunningham Date:April 17 1999 8:03pm
Subject:Re: [PHP3] Re: ERes for Linux (fwd)
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Christopher L Lott wrote:

> Yes, there are free (unsupported) SQL and scripting environments for Unix,
> for example, MySQL for the database and php for scripting, but although
> they are good for small development projects, no company on the market
> develops their professional systems using these tools.

I do...both for Ohio State University and another company I work for... For the
university, we run a departmental gradebook which faculty use to submit and record
all grades for mathematics classes. Note that we use this system exclusively, no
more paper. With approximately 15,000 undergrads going through our department each
year, I think this should give you an idea of the faith we have in MySQL and php.
We're also redoing mathematics placement testing to put it on the web using MySQL
and PHP. This will replace paper testing that all students must take upon
entering. This is for approximately 10-20k student per quarter, and complete
records will be maintained. This sytem probably won't go live for another year or

> MySQL is still quite buggy, and support is essentially non-existent.

Buggy? Can you see if they will elaborate. There are some important features
missing, but they will come soon enough. I don't know about buggy. I've been
working with mysql for a few years and have never noticed any serious problems. As
for support... that's the same old opensource myth...

> If we were to opt
> for a Unix-based solution, it would have to be built using professional
> tools, such as a ColdFusion application server and/or an Oracle/Informix
> SQL database.  These  alone would raise the cost of ERes by 3 to 5 to 8
> K.  And that doesn't count the fact that the actually development of the
> system is much more straightforward using VBSCript, etc., which keeps our
> development costs down.

VBScript. Oh boy.

> I should also note that the performance of an NT system will be way more
> than sufficient for an application such as ERes.  And at least in our
> experience, NT offers better security:  while 3 of systems running under
> Linux have been hacked in the last 9 months, we have had no reports of
> problems from our sites running under NT.

That's because NT doesn't run many services by default. When no one telnets into
the machine, it get's trickier to sniff passwords... Wonder if they're using ssh
on the linux box. And I'm really getting sick of people installing RedHat out of
the box with the default setup, and then complaining about how insecure it is.
Sure, if you run all the stuff that get's started up by default and don't apply
any patches, it probably is. These people don't understand that linux, as well as
any os, is only secure as it's admin. If you don't take the proper steps to secure
your machine, you will get broken into, it's just a matter of time.


Chad Cunningham

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