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From:P.E. Paul A. Franz Date:March 14 1999 10:06am
Subject:spam/Re: adv. Free Gas!!!! Free Long Distance!!!!
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Now there are no headers to do spam complaints. If the list is going to
accept mail from anyone, atleast they should forward the originating
headers so we can complain to the originating ISP of the spam.

The proper fix IMO is to not accept mail from non-members.

At 01:06 AM 3/14/1999 , you wrote:
>This is a 1 time mailing address is delited
>Adv.   Free Gas!!!!  Free Long Distance!!!!
>If we could show you a way to eliminate your gasoline bill, your
>long distance phone bill, and make a lot of money at the same 
>time, would you be interested??
>Of course you would, and so would everyone else!  

Paul Franz

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