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From:Ligaya Turmelle Date:June 15 2006 6:49am
Subject:stored procedure TYPE
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*Disclaimer - this will be kind of vague mainly because I only vaguely 
recall the material.

I am trying to create a stored procedure.  Now I vaguely recall reading 
something that says I have to match a column type if I am messing with 
one.  Something like I want to match a table column type... even if I 
don't know what it is.  I think it was something like TYPE 
table.column... I'm not sure if it was only in a DECLARE or if I can set 
one of the INOUT vars to the column type as well.

Hell I can't even remember if it was MySQL or something I read about 
while researching stored procedures in general and it dealt with a 
different database system

Anyone have any ideas what the heck I am talking about or if it is even 
supported in MySQL?  If it is - any help pointing me in the right 
general direction to get some information on it would be helpful.  If it 
isn't - I will just make the datatype fixed.

I have been looking over the MySQL manual pages on stored procedures, 
the articles on the MySQL developer zone and google (of course) and 
can't find it anywhere.


life is a game... so have fun.

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