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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 29 1999 11:09pm
Subject:mysql-3.23.6-alpha on Linux Alpha
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>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Holroyd <tomh@stripped> writes:

Tom> build errors:
Tom> 1) sql/ and sql/ still need -O0 to work around bugs
Tom> in gcc 2.95.2.

The only fix for now is to compile with --with-low-memory

Tom> 2) The MYSQL_TYPE_ACCEPT macro in acinclude.m4 doesn't check for "unsigned
Tom> int", which is the correct answer on Linux/Alpha -- the compiler gives a
Tom> fatal error for "int".

I shall fix this ASAP.

Tom> runtime errors:

Tom> 1) select replace('aaaa', 'aa', 'b');
Tom> kills the server because of a bug in sql/; patch follows:

Tom> ---  Fri Nov 19 12:24:50 1999
Tom> +++       Fri Nov 19 12:25:01 1999
Tom> @@ -355,7 +355,7 @@
Tom>  bool String::replace(uint32 offset,uint32 arg_length,const String &to)
Tom>  {
Tom> -  long diff = (long) (to.length()-arg_length);
Tom> +  long diff = ((long) to.length()-arg_length);
Tom>    if (offset+arg_length <= str_length)
Tom>    {
Tom>      if (diff < 0)


Tom> This patch is necessary on the Alpha because longs are 8 bytes while ints
Tom> are 4, and when diff is (supposed to be) negative, the cast does not sign
Tom> extend the length difference because the length types are unsigned.  So
Tom> when diff should be -1, it's set to 2^32 - 1 (a large positive long).

Tom> 2) load data local infile doesn't work.  It just hangs and eventually gets
Tom> ERROR 1159: Got timeout reading communication packets
Tom> (same for mysqlimport --local).  I don't know why.

Ouch; I have to wait until I get our Alpha (a couple of weeks) to
check this out...



PS: Sorry for the late reply;  I am still trying to catch up with the
    mails that piled up during my vacation.
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