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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 29 1999 11:28pm
Subject:Re: Defaulting ENUM cloumn to ""
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>>>>> "Russ" == Russ Southern <russ@stripped> writes:

Russ> According to the manual: 
Russ> If you insert an invalid value into an ENUM (that is, a string not 
Russ> present   in the list of allowed values), the empty string is 
Russ> inserted instead as a special error value.  If an ENUM is declared 
Russ> NULL, NULL is also a legal value for the column, and the default 
Russ> value is NULL. If an ENUM is declared NOT NULL, the default
Russ> value is the first element of the list of allowed values.

Russ> I want to make the empty string ('') the default value.

Russ> Yes, I could add it to the list of valid values, but I want the empty
Russ> string to have index=0.

Russ> I am running servers 3.22.20a and 3.22.25.  One is under my control and
Russ> the other is under my advisability.  It looks like this is not a
Russ> version-specific issue, however.

Russ> Any ideas?

Russ> Russ
Russ> russ@stripped

Monty> Hi!

Monty> Sorry;  The only way to fix this is to extend the MySQL syntax with
Monty> something like:

Monty> create table t1 (a enum ('a','b','c') default ERROR);

Monty> (One can't use  '' in the above syntax as '' may be a allowed value)

Russ> So, could it work without modifying the syntax by allowing the default to
Russ> be indicated by the index?  Like:

Russ> create table t1 (a enum ('a','b','c') default 1);

Russ> Therefore, default 0 would work as well?

This is a good idea;  I shall look into this!

Russ> Many kudos to you and your development team.  Hope your vacation was relaxing
Russ> and enjoyable.

Yes, it was!

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