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From:Frances Date:June 10 2006 6:54pm
Subject: re-installed 4.1 -- can't read tables....
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Hi, due to some problems I was having I re-intalled 4.1 the other day 
(had orig zip from when first downloaded (, so was 
able to install exact same version I had previously) only problem is, I 
can't read tables...  I had backed up my data, copied my db's back to 
'data' dir but can't read the tables..  I get this error if I do 
describe table, or run a query:

ERROR 1016 (HY000): Can't open file: '<tableName>.ibd' (errno: 1)
    (tables have extension .frm, though..)

would very much appreciate some suggestions.. thank you.

re-installed 4.1 -- can't read tables....Frances10 Jun