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From:Jochem van Dieten Date:June 8 2006 11:49am
Subject:Re: MySQL (GPL License)
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On 6/8/06, mos wrote:
> At 08:15 PM 6/7/2006, you wrote:
>> I believe that if you are only using MySQL for your company's
>> internal needs, whether from a web server or for deployment to other
>> company-owned locations, you don't need a commercial license.
> Unfortunately that's not what MySQL AB licensing person told me. The
> license is more strict than that. If your company distributes an
> application that uses MySQL database inside the company (even inside the
> same building), and you don't give the other dept the source code (so it
> falls outside the gpl license) then the dept receiving the application
> needs to have a MySQL license. In other words, the complete application
> source code must follow the application.

If both departments are registered as the same 'legal person' whatever
one department owns is automatically owned by the other department
too. So as long as both departments are under the same registration at
the Chamber of Commerce (or however that legally works in your
jurisdiction), this is not distribution as intended in the GPL.

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