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From:Michael Louie Loria Date:June 8 2006 8:26am
Subject:Re: MySQL (GPL License)
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> Unfortunately that's not what MySQL AB licensing person told me. The
> license is more strict than that. If your company distributes an
> application that uses MySQL database inside the company (even inside
> the same building), and you don't give the other dept the source code
> (so it falls outside the gpl license) then the dept receiving the
> application needs to have a MySQL license. In other words, the
> complete application source code must follow the application.
> If you have a commercial application running in Windows, and expect to
> sell a lot of applications, it will cost you $595 per database server
> *per year*.
> See I didn't realize myself
> it is now a per server/per year pricing either and it came as quite a
> shock to me system. This can add up if you have a thousand
> applications in circulation because each customer needs to pay
> $595/year. If this is too pricey for you, there are open source ?
> databases out there that are free to use and free to distribute.
> FireBird and ProgreSQL come to mind. And there are other commercial
> databases where you pay up front and have no distribution fees
> whatsoever.

Then I have to probably resort to PostgreSQL (BSD license). I'm an FOSS
advocate. I try to use FOSS as much as possible to help minimize company

Thanks for the info,


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