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From:Douglas Sims Date:June 8 2006 1:15am
Subject:Re: MySQL (GPL License)
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I believe that if you are only using MySQL for your company's  
internal needs, whether from a web server or for deployment to other  
company-owned locations, you don't need a commercial license.  For  
example, if your company owns fifiteen stores, you could set up a  
MySQL-based point-of-sale system at each one without needing a  
commercial license.  You only need to release your source code if you  
release your compiled code.

Also, I believe the GPL requirement for sharing only applies if you  
have modified MySQL's object code, i.e. compiled your code into it or  
it into your code or linked object code to it.  If you are simply  
installing it as a database and communicating to it through DBI or  
ODBC or some other means which uses sockets or ports, you don't need  
to release your code under the GPL.

Thus, you hardly ever need to purchase a commercial license.

Please note that this is just my understanding.  I hope someone will  
correct if I have misstated anything here.

However, it is very reasonable and desirable to support MySQL as a  
company, as they save us all tons of money over Oracle, MS-SQL, etc.,  
in addition to providing an excellent product.  So even if you don't  
need the commercial license, if your company depends upon MySQL,  
buying a commercial license, paying for training, attending  
conferences, or buying lots of t-shirts is nice.

Douglas Sims

On Jun 7, 2006, at 7:58 PM, Logan, David (SST - Adelaide) wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> I believe you can purchase a commercial license taking away the GPL
> provisions from your software if you do not wish to GPL your own
> software. You can enquire on the MySQL website.
> Regards
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> From: Michael Louie Loria [mailto:mlloria@stripped]
> Sent: Thursday, 8 June 2006 9:45 AM
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> Subject: MySQL (GPL License)
> Hello,
> I would like to inquire about the GPL License used by MySQL.
> Here's our scenario
> We developed our owned software needed by our operations using MySQL
> community edition under Windows platform.
> GPL says that we should distribute/share the source code. But I  
> think it
> isn't even of interest or beneficial to others because it was done on
> the company specs.
> If we were required to distribute/share our source code. What
> distribution methods can be used? like uploading the source code in a
> site? or when someone walks in and asks for the source code, we should
> share it to them.
> Thanks, I just need to have some clarifications about the GPL
> Mic
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