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From:Richard Date:June 3 2006 11:54pm
Subject: Access speed INNODB VS. MyISAM
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I have been using a database for several years that uses many 'lookup' style
tables. i.e. no updates to these tables. I dumped the whole thing into an INNODB
database for simplicity, but I now wonder if I can speed things up if I put only
my updatable tables in INNODB (I need row level locking for these) and put all
the lookup tables in MyISAM.

The benchmarks I have looked at don't seem to reveal either as a clear winner,
but I am probably not interpreting them properly.

Thanks for much in advance for any help on this question.


Access speed INNODB VS. MyISAMRichard4 Jun
  • Re: Access speed INNODB VS. MyISAMWare Adams4 Jun