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From:Daniel da Veiga Date:June 2 2006 2:30pm
Subject:Re: please help me.
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On 6/2/06, yuan edit <edit.yuan@stripped> wrote:
>  my operating system is linux redhat 9.0.
> i am installing mysql 5.0.x binary distribution.
> Which edition is the most fit in the following editions?

You notices most of those files are .asc and .md5 used to verify the
integrity of the archive after you download it, right? So, reduced to
3 versions to choose.

> And would you like to tell me the difference among these editions?

You can search the MySQL site, and I would advice you to download it
from the site, not from this mirror that I never heard of. If you were
at the site, there are docs explaining the difference between each

Compiled against glibc-2.3

Compiled with ICC?! Dunno, never heard of it and its not at the
official MySQL site.

Static linked, as far as I know.

I strongly advice you to:

1) Never copy and paste a whole web page in a mail.
2) Strip down what is unrelevant of text
3) Clean html tags
4) Learn about md5 and asc.
5) Be thankful that someone read all this blob and answered
6) Download MySQL from

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