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From:Miles Thompson Date:June 2 2006 12:56pm
Subject:Re: Automatically add +1 every 30mins
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Did not know about events in MySQL. That's a terrific feature.


At 09:44 AM 6/2/2006, Dan Buettner wrote:

>Alex, as Miles noted, this could easily be accomplished with an external 
>cron event.  Doesn't have to be written in an external language like PHP 
>or perl, even - could be a self-contained crontab entry a la:
>0,30 * * * * /path/to/mysql -u user -psecret database_name -e "update 
>table_name set gold = gold + 1" > /dev/null
>To accomplish this within MySQL, one option might be 5.1's events:
>Hope this helps,
>Alex Major wrote:
>>Hi there. I've posted this up on both this list, and the php list as I'm 
>>not sure
>>whether this is something that I'd need to do with the php or mysql.
>>Basically, I am making an add-on to my small website which is a mini online
>>game. Every user will have gold, and every 30mins I'd like their amount of
>>gold to go up by 1 (or say a variable say $goldupdateamount).
>>I'd like to know which would be the best way of doing this, and if there is
>>a command in mysql which would achieve this.
>>Regards, Alex.
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