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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 29 1999 7:56pm
Subject:compiling mysql-3.22.25 on HP-UX 10.20
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>>>>> "someone" == someone  <someone@stripped> writes:

someone> I'm running into the same issue as John, but I'm trying to compile
someone> mysql-3.22.27 instead of .25, I can't seem to find .25 anywhere anymore.
someone> I'm also using gcc 2.95.1 on HP-UX 10.20. I built perl version 5.005_03
someone> using gcc also.  I

someone> I configured with the following options:

someone>  CC=gcc CXX=gcc CFLAGS=-fpic ./configure --prefix=/opt/mysql
someone>   --localstatedir=/opt/mysql/data --with-low-memory

someone> And used gnu make version 1.75

someone> I was going to attempt Monty's fix, but I was wondering what the
someone> /opt/dce/include is suppose to contain? As there is no such include
someone> directory on my box.  'tis sort of frusterating because it took nearly
someone> ninety minutes to compile to this point before it blew up =/  It blew up
someone> with the same errors John posted (below).

someone> Any help is much appreciated,

someone> Thanks!

someone> -Bill Clements
someone>  bill3@stripped


The options I posted where if you used HPUX:s C compiler.

Why can't you use the binary version of MySQL that we provide for HPUX 10.20 ?

Anyway, the error: implicit declaration of function `int shutdown(...)'

Is because, in your setup, the shutdown function is not declared in
any include file. (It was on our HPUX )

The fix is to do:

man shutdown

and from the manual check which include file is needed.

Then edit and add:

#include <the-include-file.h>

after the line:

#include "mysql_priv.h"

Hope this helps.


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