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From:Martijn Tonies Date:June 1 2006 8:57am
Subject:Re: Problem with querie
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> Dear friends

Please do not send your messages as "urgent" to a mailinglist.
It might be urgent to you, but not to the hundreds of people
receiving your e-mail.

> Im having some problems with this queries on mysql 4.1.15
> "SELECT * FROM scg00_scga2800_dbf WHERE taxdvig >= '20050302' OR (taxdvig
= (SELECT max(taxdvig) FROM scg00_scga2800_dbf WHERE taxdvig < '20050302')
AND (SELECT count(taxdvig) FROM scg00_scga2800_dbf WHERE taxdvig =
'20050302') = 0)

What problem are you having?

> is this query sybtax ok?
> bellow the table structure
> CREATE TABLE scg00_scga2800_dbf (
>   taxdvig date default NULL,
>   taxcmpe double(5,2) default NULL,
>   taxenfi double(5,2) default NULL,
>   taxdtra date default NULL,
>   taxdt01 date default NULL,
>   taxpr01 double(7,4) default NULL,
>   taxdt02 date default NULL,
>   taxpr02 double(7,4) default NULL,
>   taxpr03 double(7,4) default NULL,
>   tax_iof double(7,4) default NULL,
>   sr_recno bigint(15) NOT NULL auto_increment,
>   sr_deleted char(1) NOT NULL default '',
>   UNIQUE KEY sr_recno (sr_recno),
>   KEY SCG00_SCGI2801_000007 (taxdvig,sr_recno),
>   KEY SCG00_SCGI2802_000008 (taxdtra,sr_recno)

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