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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 29 1999 12:46pm
Subject:Re: Some Questions
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At 5:49 PM +0200 1999/11/28, <sinisa@stripped> wrote:
>Hi Pjotr!
>1) Then MYSQL will delete it's temporaty tables ? I have a MYSQL 3.22.27 =
>running with --big-tables. It created more than a thousand of temporary =
>tables and keeps creating it I'm wondering then will it delete these =
>temporary files. Currently only 750 tables open some I'm wondering if =
>MYSQL have sust forgotten about these files.
>Yes, MySQL will delete all temporary stuff that are created during
>That is MySQL will delete unnamed relations. If you have created
>tables with TEMPORARY clause, then it will automatically be deleted if
>a connection dies and the name is per connection.  This means that two
>different connections can both use the same temporary table name
>without conflicting with each other or with an existing table of the
>same name.  (The existing table is hidden until the temporary table is
>If it does not behave like that, then it is malfunction.

But it won't behave like that for him, because TEMPORARY isn't available
until 3.23.

Because of that, he'll need to delete any tables that he considers
temporary.  MySQL won't do it automatically, because it doesn't know
which ones are temporary.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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