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From:Rich Date:May 23 2006 7:23pm
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Hi folks.  Me again.

I finally got this all up and running under crypt of 'cleartext'.   
So, even though I am going to be on the same box as the server, how  
do I set up an MD5 or password entry?

MYSQLCrypt                                              password()
MYSQLCrypt                                              password

MYSQLCrypt                                              MD5()
MYSQLCrypt                                              MD5

I'm not sure if the brackets are needed or not.

So if I use password or MD5 encryption in the tables, the value in  
the field is encrypted.  How does this change how I structure things?

instead of 'passwordalpha' in the password field, I have to enter  
'ff08d88bab6edcf9d730a96418c05358'?  I am entering users via my own  
interface, and I can't seem to get MD5 working with either MD5 or MD5().

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