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From:Jay Pipes Date:May 23 2006 3:19pm
Subject:Re: Performance Available
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Please post your exact table schema using SHOW CREATE TABLE, and your 
exact query, along with an EXPLAIN SELECT for the query.



Jan Gomes wrote:
> Hy Guys,
> I have a simple structure of tables, howewer has 50 million of registers and 2,5 GB
> of data.
> The table is MyIsam and has 4 integer fields and 1 Text field, one primary key with
> two integer fields 
> and one btree index with one integer field.
> There is a select in this table using an index(with one integer field), whith a set
> value 
> for this field ( select * from table where field in (value1,value2,value3,value4,etc)
> ).
> This select has delay 4s average.
> Is this a good time for the select ? How can I run this select in less time?
> I had make this optimization:
> 1-Compress the index
> 2-sort the index with myisamchk
> PS.: This table is read-only, hasn't an insert, update or delete.

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