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From:Scott Baker Date:May 22 2006 8:22pm
Subject:LEFT JOIN Multiple Tables
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I have four tables that I join to get one record set about a
customer. They are: UserInfo, ExtraAddr, DslInfo, and DslExtra.

Specifically the main tables are joined with:

SELECT * FROM UserInfo u, DslInfo d WHERE u.UserID = d.UserID;

I've been adding more data to other tables and LEFT JOINING to get
the data (since it's optional).

FROM UserInfo u, DslInfo d
LEFT JOIN DslExtra e ON d.DslID = e.DslID
LEFT JOIN ExtraAddr a ON a.UserID = u.UserID
WHERE u.UserID = d.UserID;

However it appears this syntax is not valid in MySQL 5.x (It works
on 4.x). I need to LEFT JOIN *two* tables, but I can't seem to get
it. I just LEFT JOIN the DslExtra table in the above example it
works just fine, it's only when I try and do the second that I get
an error.

Unknown column 'u.UserID' in 'on clause'

Can I not do this type of multi table left join with 5.x? Or do I
need to recraft the query?
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