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From:Daniel Orner Date:May 19 2006 4:40pm
Subject:Sparse 1.0b - framework for MySQL programs
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    I'd like to announce the first release of Sparse, a new way to 
create MySQL programs without actually programming anything! Sparse 
takes care of handling the SQL data, navigation, displaying errors, 
input validation, and caching. Using a few extra HTML tags allows 
surprising power, yet remains easy to use and very customizable. It can 
save a lot of time and effort during development! It's especially 
well-suited for creating admin back-ends of sites that use MySQL.
    This means that you can actually create entire MySQL-backed programs 
without using a single line of PHP code. However, more complex forms and 
queries can be easily integrated with PHP code as well.

The Sparse homepage is here:

    Besides looking for beta testers, I'd also like to know the best way 
to spread the word about it, so if anyone has any comments or help they 
can offer, please do so!

--Daniel Orner

Sparse 1.0b - framework for MySQL programsDaniel Orner19 May
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