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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 28 1999 9:52pm
Subject:Dec Install Problems...
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>>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan Coon <bryanc@stripped> writes:

Bryan> Hi again, more details on my mysql install woes....
Bryan> I am trying to install mysql-3.22.27 on a Dec with digital unix 4.0D on
Bryan> it.  I ran confugure like this:

shell> setenv CC 'cc -pthread'
shell> setenv CXX 'cxx -pthread -O'
shell> ./configure --with-named-thread-libs="-lpthread -lmach -lexc -lc"

Bryan> This works okay.  (I also tried gcc- did the same without the setenv's,
Bryan> but same error results)

Bryan> First error:
shell> make
Bryan> <lots of stuff, then>
Bryan> Unresolved:
Bryan> fflush
Bryan> abort
Bryan> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Bryan> *** etc.

Bryan> fflush is in the basic libc.a file, which is where it should be in
Bryan> /usr/lib.  I cannot see any reason whatsoever why this cannot be seen.  I
Bryan> have seen lots of docs on this, in archives all over the web, but no
Bryan> suggested solution I saw ever worked.  
Bryan> Second Error:
Bryan> If I simply remove the -lc from the one gcc error file, then cd 
Bryan> back to mysql-3.22.27 and do 'make' again, compilation
Bryan> will continue, but then dies with this:

Bryan>  Internal compiler error in 'scan_region'. at
Bryan> except.c:2566.
Bryan> Please sumbit a full bug report.
Bryan> See <URL:>

Bryan> What the heck is going on?  Is my compiler bad?  It is the latest version
Bryan> of everything...

Bryan> Again, I saw many many docs in the archives on this error... maybe I
Bryan> missed the magic solution?


I did yesterday update the installation section in the MYSQL manual
regarding dec 4.0;  Hope this helps!

Note that MySQL 3.23 should be easier to get to compile on Dec 4.0 (I
compiled this myself on a Dec a couple of weeks ago)

You can probably fix the internal error problem by removing
the -O option while you compile


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