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From:Barry Date:May 15 2006 9:58am
Subject:Need help with procedure
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Hello everyone!

The mysql documentation doesn't show any good infos er examples about 
writing procedures.

To be more specific:

I have a table with saved clicks by users.

Now i want to draw a graph with a php extension.

Problem is: if i let me show the clicks, one day is missing.
Because on that day noone clicked on the link.

I use this query:
SELECT DATE(c_clicktime) AS clicktime, count(c_id) as clicks FROM clicks 
WHERE c_cl_id = 3 AND DATE(c_clicktime)
BETWEEN '2005-01-01' AND '2005-01-20' GROUP BY clicktime

The output gives me 19 entries because on the 20th January noone clicked 
that link.

I think this have to be done with a procedure.

So that my query would give a 0 (zero) for the 20th January as clicks.

How would i do something like that?

Thanks for your time :)

Mysql version is:  3.23.54

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