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From:J.R. Bullington Date:May 15 2006 6:34am
Subject:RE: Inserting ' into database
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As a word of advice, before posting to any list, please RTFM (Read The Fine

You have to escape all "special characters", like apostrophes and single
quotes, with the backslash.

INSERT INTO thetable (name) VALUES ('O\'Connell');


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From: Peter Lauri [mailto:peter@stripped] 
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Subject: Inserting ' into database

Hi all,

Assume that I want to insert "Juanita O'Connell" into my database. How do I
do that? The problem is the ' in her last name. If I just put it in it will

INSERT INTO thetable (name) VALUES ('O'Connell');

And that does not work :) How can I solve this?

Best regards,
Peter Lauri

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