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From:Adam Lipscombe Date:May 12 2006 12:12pm
Subject:RE: MySQL commercial licence
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Checking. I don't think the customer bought the "network" version.
Apparently its MySQL Pro Licence V4.

It's a bit rich not to offer upgrades at a discount IMO.


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Adam Lipscombe wrote:

>We have a commercial product that uses mysql 4.0.24. We bought  a 
>commercial licence for this version. We want to upgrade to 5.0.21.
>I spoke with the MySQL saleswoman this morning and she says they don't 
>do upgrades and want another entire licence fee for v5.x.
>Does anyone else have experience of this? Upgrading commercial 
>licences? What's the story?
>Thanks - Adam
Hi Adam,

That is a very interesting development. Is your license under the MySQL 
Network? I am considering using this for a number of new servers and 
would have to rethink my strategy if this is the case.

I notice their Network FAQ has

Q: Does MySQL Network include MySQL 5.0?
A: Yes, MySQL Network includes all updates and upgrades including MySQL 5.0

It is also very interesting that the Network product automatically 
includes a GPL covered product rather than a commercial one by default. 
How many people actually check on that before purchase? Are they aware 
they have purchased a GPL product and are now obligated under that 
license to GPL their distributed products?



David Logan
South Australia

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