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From:Matthew Zito Date:May 11 2006 6:29am
Subject:Looking for MySQL users for market research
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Hi everyone,

My name is Matthew Zito, and I'm the Chief Scientist for a company called GridApp Systems
based here in New York City.  We're currently looking at extending our database automation
software to MySQL, and rather than assume that MySQL users are facing the same challenges
as Oracle and SQL Server users (our current major supported database platforms), I thought
that perhaps we could solicit opinions from the community - give people a chance to be
heard on what is important to them.

What you'd have to do:  First, email me privately/OFF-LIST and let me know you'd like to
get involved.  Then answer a few free-form questions over email at your leisure -
shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.  Possibly respond to followup questions (if you're

What you'd get: The chance to have a serious influence on the development of a product
that you could eventually find very useful.  Also, if I don't get overwhelmed with
responses, I can probably finagle some GridApp schwag - maybe a frisbee or shirt for
people who contribute thoughtful responses.  Heck, if you're interested, we can probably
even finagle giving a few people early peeks at whatever we put together.  Plus you'd get
the warm fuzzies for being so helpful.

What I can promise for sure is that everyone's information will remain confidential, no
one will ever contact you (except for me with more questions), and that this is the only
time you'll see me make this request.  Hopefully, people who have been thinking about
their MySQL headaches will be gracious enough to email me and answer a few questions.

Thanks for your time,

Matthew Zito
Chief Scientist
GridApp Systems
P: 646-452-4090

Looking for MySQL users for market researchMatthew Zito11 May