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From:Dewald Troskie Date:May 10 2006 9:11am
Subject:RE: comparing postgis with mysql
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I'm a GIS developer, who specialises in the architecture of geospatial

PostGIS (a derivitive of PostGreSQL) has been developed with spatial
data in mind, and as such is primarily for this use. I have tried MySQL
with Spatial extensions, whose implementation is very good I must say,
but on doing stress and load tests PostGIS definitely comes out a
winner. If you have small spatial databases, I would recommend MySQL
though as it is definitely easier to use and implement in my experience.

I will try locate some comparison charts and find my comparison tests I
have done myself on these two DB's and mail them to you.


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I am relatively new in this field. I am designing a database to store
the events extracted from the oceans. This project later demands of
publishing data on web. I am not able to decide which database to use.
Mysql with spatial extension or the postgis one. I would prefer to use
windows platform.

Can someone suggest or can provide me with some links that compare the
two databases. Do you think Mysql has a better spatial elements handling
capacity in comparison to postgis.?

please reply soon.

Thanks and Regards
Parang Saraf
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