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From:Sander Smeenk Date:May 10 2006 9:03am
Subject:Re: 1' and '1' or '1
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Quoting Critters (critters@stripped):

> SELECT * FROM members WHERE name = '1' and '1' or '1' AND password = '1' and '1' or
> '1'
> And it returned all rows. Can someone explain to me why this happens,
> and if the steps I took (replacing the ' with a blank space when the
> user submits the login form) is enough to prevent a similar "hack"

It's the logic in the WHERE statement that makes the query return all rows.

You should /never ever/ directly feed user input from websites to your
database. Always use prepare() and execute() statements to feed the
userdata, or use the proper quote() calls...

Or explicitly state what characters you will allow and filter anything
but those characters from the user supplied data.

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