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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 17 1999 7:29am
Subject:localhost/socket speeds
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>>>>> "Dave" == Dave  <dave@stripped> writes:

Dave> Anyone have any idea of speed differences between using a localhost
Dave> connection and a socket for MySQL? I am contemplating setting up a dedicated
Dave> MySQL machine for all our DB activity but if the other 4 machines are going
Dave> to suffer by having to query across sockets I don't want that...

Dave> Any comments are greatly appreciated. (even ones pointing me to a page in
Dave> the MySQL manual)

From the MySQL manual:

If you connect using TCP/IP rather than Unix sockets, the result is 7.5%

On the other hand, you can easily test this yourself.

Just run the MySQL benchmarks as follows:

perl run-all-tests --host='your-host-name' --suffix=tcp_ip --small-tables
perl run-all-tests --host='localhost' --small-tables

perl compare-results output/RUN*

localhost/socket speedsDave16 Apr
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