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From:Chris Date:May 9 2006 1:22am
Subject:Re: Case confusion
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I would run this query:

FROM mytable
WHERE LOWER(emailaddress) IN
    FROM mytable
    GROUP BY 1
    HAVING COUNT(emailaddress) > 1)

This would show all duplicate emails, I would use the info this displays 
to choose which records to change/keep/delete.

May not be the best way, but it would work.


Marcus Bointon wrote:
> I just noticed that a key field (emailaddress) in my db is case 
> sensitive when it should not have been, so now I've got a bunch of 
> what are effectively duplicate records. I'm having trouble picking 
> them out so I can manually merge/delete them before changing the 
> collation on the field to be case insensitive.
> SELECT * FROM mytable group by lower(emailaddress) having 
> count(emailaddress) > 1
> This is ok, but it only shows me the records with lower case addresses 
> (I can't tell which case version is the correct one without looking at 
> them) when I want to see the records with all cases, that is all of 
> 'joe@stripped', 'Joe@stripped' and 'JOE@stripped'. I'm 
> confusing myself with the case sensitivity and self-references!
> I think there are about 45 duplicates out of about 200,000.
> How can I find these pesky things?
> thanks,
> Marcus
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