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From:George Law Date:May 5 2006 1:54pm
Subject:RE: How to rename a DB
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Sorry - I totally misread the question!

A quick google for "rename database" shows Adrian is correct!


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Subject: Re: How to rename a DB

Stop the server, go to the MySQL data directory and physically change 
the name of the directory that corresponds to the database.  Restart 
MySQL server and SHOW DATABASES to see the change take effect.

George Law wrote:
> Hardi
> I rotate tables out on a monthly basis.  The way I do it is:
> rename table1 to table2
> If you need a new copy of table1, you can do :
> create table table1 like table2
> --
> George
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> Subject: How to rename a DB
> Hi,
> Anybody know how can i safely and easily rename a database in MySQL
> 5.0.19.
> Have tried some tips from google results (most of them are for MySQL
> 4.x)
> but no luck till now.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Rgds/Hardi
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