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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 28 1999 11:35am
Subject:database analyzer, field fixer?
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>>>>> "ef" == ef  <ef@stripped> writes:

ef> Hi!
ef> I guess  that is what you would call it. :) I have a bit of a mess. I am
ef> working on an older database with maybe a medium degree of complexity.  I
ef> made a few new tables with fields that have type INT(9) UNSIGNED NOT NULL I
ef> also have a bunch of fields in other tables that have types that I would
ef> want to change to INT(9) from SMALLINT as well as some other similair
ef> changes. It might not matter that I make these changes, I just want to be
ef> consitent, esp since the INT fields are related data.  I can sort of see how
ef> you could write a perl script to do this sort of work for you, although for
ef> me it would be kind of tedious, a good few days work. I was just wondering
ef> if anyone has done it? If not, maybe I can actually contribute something! :)
ef> Maybe I could also use something like gimp to make a graphical view like the
ef> Access relationships tables? Any other thoughts for features?

ef> I have been doing a lot of work with mySQL. I am finding I am getting sick
ef> of using Access all of the time to make tables and do design. I also have
ef> not had time to install the GUI on Linux. Time = I don't have a clue when
ef> people start talking about all of those libs. I am still a Linux newbie that
ef> has yet to recompile a Kernal. (successfully)

ef> Thanks, I very much appreciate this list and the people on it. 

ef> Eric 


Try using MySQL 3.23 with 'PROCEDURE analyse' + ALTER TABLE.


PS: Sorry for the late reply;  I am still trying to catch up with the
    mails that piled up during my vacation.
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