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From:Shawn Green Date:April 29 2006 1:45pm
Subject:RE: Help with subqueries... MAX() and GROUP BY [sovled]
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--- Daevid Vincent <daevid@stripped> wrote:

> Well I think this is mostly working. I have a 'NULL' user ID which is
> 'system' that I need to get into here, but I think I'm mostly on
> track...
> There are lots of ways to accomplish this task it seems. ALL of which
> would
> be so much easier if mySQL would just return all the data from the
> same
> MAX() row it just pulled. I really don't see why this has to be so
> complicated. I appreciate in some ways that mySQL tries to be "nice"
> and
> give me some data, but what good is it if it's WRONG?! Either throw
> an
> error, so I make a proper query, or else give me what I wanted...
> *sigh*

I agree, it should throw an error.

> Is there EVER a time when someone wants the behaviour of mySQL now? I
> can't
> for the life of me think of a case.

When it comes to this particular behavior, I agree that it is flawed.
However, there is WAY too much code out there to just turn it off. This
is definitely a migration/training issue as well as a parser issue now.

> This page had some more info:

I am so glad the fine manual was useful for you. I think that everyone
should review the techniques discussed not just in the article you
quoted but also in the articles around it.

Shawn Green
Database Administrator

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RE: Help with subqueries... MAX() and GROUP BY [sovled]Daevid Vincent28 Apr
RE: Help with subqueries... MAX() and GROUP BY [sovled]Shawn Green29 Apr