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From:Mohammed Abdul Azeem Date:April 28 2006 10:23am
Subject:~Mysql performance~
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I have 2 mysql servers with version 5.0.15-standard-log running on
redhat es4 installed on 2 different geographic locations. The default
storage engine used is innodb on both the servers. I run an insert query
on both the servers that inserts 25,00,000 records. first server takes
7.5 hrs, while the second server takes around 17 hrs for the same

However the configuration file my.cnf is the same for both the machines.
The first server has a 1GB RAM and a single processor. While the second
server has a 2 GB RAM and it has a dual processor as well.

If we go by the hardware specs the second server should take less time
as it has a better hardware than the first one. Iam really puzzled .
Can anyone help me out in fixing the issue ?


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