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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 17 1999 8:52am
Subject:mySQL problems !
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>>>>> "Rohit" == Rohit Peyyeti <rohit@stripped> writes:

Rohit> Hello !
Rohit>     I have installed mySQL 3.22.16 on Red Hat Linux 4.2. I have created
Rohit> database and also
Rohit>     some tables. Now i dont see my tables under the database which i have
Rohit>     created. I have checked err file of mysql, but that does not show me any 
Rohit>     error. We use mySQL admin to shutdown mySQL. mySQL was always cleanly
Rohit>     shutdown and restarted. Can you please tell me how to protect my Database
Rohit>     against such problems ?

Rohit> Regards
Rohit> Rohit 

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MySQL will never delete any tables if you don't explicitly tell MySQL 
to do so (even if MySQL would crash, it wouldn't delete any tables)!

If you experience problems, use mysqld with --log, so that you can
verify what happens!

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