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From:-Patrick Date:April 25 2006 6:38pm
Subject:Re: Accumilating Blog Comments
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Philippe Poelvoorde wrote:
> 2006/4/25, -Patrick <CaptainMorganRawks@stripped>:
>> $query_rsComments = sprintf("SELECT id_com WHERE idart_com=%s ORDER BY
>> date_com ASC", $KTColParam1_rsComments);
>> can anyone see what Im trying to do here? basically, I want to match the
>> id_com with an idart_com to produce a value and report back through the
>> other chunk of code already given to output a number.. using
>> mysql_num_rows(). But Im getting syntax and check line errors..
>> Any thoughts?
>> -Patrick
> You should use count(*) to get the rows number, if it's the only thing you want.
> Why is your inner join enclosed in parenthesis ??
Or, can I use count to make statements inside the query? I almost have
it... but it's off because now it's gathering every id_com and putting
them all in one idart_com.. not to it's relative idart_com.. very
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