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From:Chris Sansom Date:April 25 2006 2:17pm
Subject:Re: Stumped again by joins
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At 15:56 +0200 25/4/06, Barry wrote:
>Updating is always such a bad idea ;P
>Do you know: never touch a running system? ^_^


>And you don't see any misdone queries when you echo them, right?
>Hope you checked that.

Yes, they look just fine - in any case they're unchanged from when it 
was working perfectly in 3.23

>So encode the input into query and encode it afterwards :)

Yes, tried that - no good. In any case...

>>At first I thought the upgrade or utf8 might be having some effect 
>>on the way "like '%...%'" works, but another simpler search uses 
>>that and it's fine.

...there's no en/decoding involve there and it works fine.

>So in simple words. You tried also to query the Table without 
>encoding it first into UTF-8?

With and without. But anyway, as I understand it, something like 
'olympic' or 'london' (another thing I'm test-searching for because 
just about every guide mentions London somewhere in their biography - 
they're London guides, see? :-) ) is the same whether or not it's 
encoded... no?

>There are various, and the main spot here is the ENCODING of UTF-8.

That's more or less the conclusion I've come to as well, but I can't 
seem to make a difference whichever way round I do it. I'm also 
wondering now if it might be a PHP issue after all - something I've 
missed about form input, but I realise this list isn't the right 
place to follow that up.

>More infos will be great.
>It surely is tricky.


>I am not quite sure but using biography.guide_id instead of 
>b.guide_id would probably solve the problem.
>I know that using aliases in WHERE clauses don't work really good, 
>so try this also please.

OK, I have, and it still makes no difference. Anyway, I reiterate: it 
worked perfectly in 3.23.x - surely something basic like this 
couldn't have got /worse/ through the version upgrades? And for what 
it's worth I tried taking the 'as' out too, which I gather is now 
optional - no diff.

Cheers... Chris
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