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From:Eugene Kosov Date:April 24 2006 5:01pm
Subject:Re: totalizing of Rows please help!!
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Hi, Brian!

First of all I think next time you should better attach your database 
structure. It'll be much easier to understand your problem if you will...

Maybe you're asking for something like this:
SELECT project_name, elecremain, controlremain, otherremain,  elecremain 
+ controlremain + otherremain AS total FROM table_name;

Brian E Boothe wrote:
> i have three Values in each row of my MySQL database, im needing to 
> sum them in the table as they are displayed per Row ??   how do i do 
> this  ?
> Projectname     Elecremain   Controlremain    
> otherremain               <?php ?>
> Project1             2300             1600                     
> 250              <?php  (Sum) ?>
> Project2             4300             600                       
> 150             <?php  (Sum) ?>

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