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From:Nicolas Verhaeghe Date:April 23 2006 10:01pm
Subject:RE: Older version MySQL
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Dependency issue, I would use RPM Package Manager.

It always solved that type of issue.

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Subject: Older version MySQL


I am attempting to upgrade one of our older servers running RH 7.3 

it's currently using 3.23.58 and tried installing 4.0.26 rpm's for linux,
won't install due to the following error:   is needed by MySQL-shared-4.0.26-0   is needed by MySQL-shared-4.0.26-0   is needed by MySQL-shared-compat-4.0.26-0   is needed by

Now of the RPM's will install. Is there a 4.0.+ version that will install on

this type of server without have to upgrade alot of other stuff ?? Or can we

build it from source, and if so, what is the recommend configure options
used to 
build from source ?

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