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From:Chris Cochella Date:April 17 1999 12:20am
Subject:Re: PowerDesigner & MySQL
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I have exactly the same questions.  I have poke around a bit and I have not
found a def file.

I would love it if I could.

The datatypes that have produced the biggest problem from my pt of view are
the AUTO_INCREMENT attributes for an uniques identifier and the ENUM
datatype, which is rather convenient at times.

> I am using PowerDesigner to design a database.  Does anyone know where I
> can get a DEF file for PowerDesigner to generate SQL statements
> optimized for MySQL?  And to compute database sizes?
> Or, if there isn't such a beast, can anyone suggest which of the better
> known SQL systems I might select in PowerDesigner to be most compatible
> with MySQL?

So the most compatability I have founs is with ANSI 2 (?).  It is in the
list of datasources.

If you find anything out please let me know.



>  PowerDesigner supports the likes of Oracle, Sybase, etc.,
> etc.
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