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From:Alex Arul Date:April 19 2006 5:27pm
Subject:Re: Import .frm .myd .myi to Mysql
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    Take look at your my.cnf and obtain the location of your mysql data
directory. Login into mysql create the database into which you want to
import the tables. What this effectively does is create a directory under
your "mysql data directory". Now copy the .myd, .myi and .frm files to the
directory. I am not sure whether you need to restart the server. Try
accessing the tables without restart, if not successful restart the server


if the data directory is /usr/var/mysql
If you created a database called xyz then you have to copy the .myd, .myi
and .frm files to the directory /usr/var/mysql/xyz

Hope this helps.


On 4/18/06, hicham <hichamlinux@stripped> wrote:
> On 4/18/06, Dominik Klein <dk@stripped> wrote:
> > hicham schrieb:
> > > Hello
> > >  I'm new bie user of mysql, I need to create a database and import
> > > some  frm .myd .myi files
> > > to that database , also if you can point me to some easy to start
> > > tutorial for how to create user account in mysql , create a database ,
> actually, I have a php / mysql application with a database which comes
> in a bench of files with .frm , .myd and .myi , what are theses files
> ?
> and I don't know how to get these files imported to tha mysql db .
> Thanks
> hicham
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