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From:Lucas Vendramin Date:April 19 2006 4:10pm
Subject:Loop Trigger
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Hi all.
I am creating a trigger that update the some table witch call it.
create table t1 (
 id int, name varchar(50), c int default 0, father int,
 primary key(id),
 index (father),
 foreign key (father) references t1(id) on update restrict on delete restrict
create trigger tg_t1
before update on t1
for each row
 update t1 set c=c+1 where;

Something like it... I want to update some colums witch records are referencing by the
father record.
But when I update the mysql returns: "Can't update table 't1' in stored function/trigger
because it is already used by statement which invoked this stored function/trigger"

Why I cant make a trigger that update the some table that invoke the trigger???
How can I build it?

Lucas Vendramin
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