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From:William Fong Date:April 18 2006 2:06am
Subject:Re: need help to delete duplicates
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If the ID doesn't represent anything, you can

CREATE TABLE new_table SELECT DISTINCT Row1, Row2 FROM old_table

And then recreate your index(es).

All your autoincrement IDs will be changed.

On 4/17/06, Patrick Aljord <patcito@stripped> wrote:
> On 4/18/06, William Fong <seekwill@stripped> wrote:
> > Sample Data:
> >
> > ID-Row1-Row2
> >
> > 1-A-B
> > 2-A-B
> >
> > Row1 and Row2 are duplicate, so you only want one. Which ID do you want?
> one of them has to be deleted, it doesn't really matter which one it
> is. id isn't attached to any other table and doesn't represent
> important data or anything. So i just want to end up with only one
> record having Row1= A and Row2= B. it doesn't matter if id=1 or 2

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