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From:Peter Carter Date:November 27 1999 1:08am
Subject:Re: Accessing MySQL over MyODBC on Win platforms
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At 08:30 AM 11/26/99 -0600, you wrote:
>In light of the (somewhat disturbing, but nonetheless predictable) answer 
>to my recent inquiry as to using Microsoft Access 2k to manipulate tables 
>on a MySQL server over MyODBC, I am curious what others use..
>Now, I do have the option of using Access 97, which, AFAIK, does not have 
>any problems. However, before I go off working with it, I do wonder if I 
>should be worried about the data integrity I'd get with it. Are there any 
>precautions I should take, anything I should be aware of, or should I scrap 
>the idea altogether? What are my other options?
>..FYI: running Win98 4.10.1998
That's what I use and I have no problems. You should consider SR-2 updates
Peter B. Carter (peterc@stripped)
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