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From:Steve Edberg Date:April 13 2006 3:17am
Subject:Re: [NEWBIE] How To Trim Database To N Records
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At 11:15 PM -0400 4/12/06, David T. Ashley wrote:
>I'm a beginning MySQL user ...
>I have a table of log entries.  Over time, the entries could grow to be
>numerous.  I'm like to trim them to a reasonable number.
>Is there a query that will, say, trim a table down to a million rows (with
>some sort order, of course, as I'm interested in deleting the oldest ones)?
>The sorting isn't a problem.  I've just never seen an SQL statement that
>will drop rows until a certain number remain ...
>Thanks, Dave.

Something like this might work (untested):

    select @n:=count(*) from your_table
    delete from your_table order by time_stamp limit @n-1000000

Of course, you'd want to try it on a test table first, not live data! 
This assumes 1000000 is the max number of records you want to keep, 
you want to delete the oldest records based on the time_stamp column, 
AND that the record count when you do this delete is always > 
1000000. You'd need to do some additional checking first if that 
isn't the case, as I don't know at the moment what the behavior for a 
negative or zero limit is (the docs below should tell you).

More info:


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