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From:Taco Fleur Date:April 12 2006 3:55am
Subject:RE: counting keywords
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Hello Steve,

Your suggestion works like a charm, I am now trying to get my head around
your following statement, I can't seem to get a grip on what you mean. Is
there anyway you could elaborate a little on the following? It would be
really nice if I could get the solution to work with full text and be able
to use stemming etc.

> where document_id is a foreign key pointing at the table containing your
fulltext. This would be easier to extend to handle synonym handling too, and
you could do all the suffix handling/stemming you need (eg; to take care of
plurals). I've done something like that as well, and included an extra field
for the metaphone version of the word, to match approximate spellings. If
the text fields were all in plain text, you could even include character
positions like 

Kind regards,

Taco Fleur 

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