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From:Taco Fleur Date:April 10 2006 9:37pm
Subject:counting keywords
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Hi all,
I am trying to find out whether it is possible to return the count of
keywords found in a text field, does anyone know?
For example; "ColdFusion or Java" is entered in the search string and 20
records are found that match, I need to count how many times "ColdFusion"
and "Java" appears in each match, add those two and than sort descending on
that total.
I was actually using verity for the search, but the client insists he sees
the number of keywords found, which Verity does not do.
The text searched are Résumé's, I initially thought that MySQL could search
the résumé's when stored as binary data, but I was wrong, so I now have the
CV's converted to HTML and then store them in the DB as VARCHAR
Any help would be much appreciated, I am having a hard time coming from a MS
SQL background ;-)
Kind regards,

Taco Fleur 

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