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From:Shawn Green Date:April 10 2006 8:37pm
Subject:Re: How to pass parameters in MYSQL
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--- Ravi Malghan <rmalghan@stripped> wrote:

> Hi: I have a statement such as follows
> FROM_UNIXTIME(utime,'%Y-%m-%d') = (CURDATE() -
> Instead of using a value of 1 for interval, I want to
> pass parameters so it will ask for the value when the
> sql statement is run. I have tried searching in google
> and and have not had any luck. Does
> mysql use different definitions? or can someone

Different than.....(what)???

> provide some pointers on the web which explains how to
> pass parameters with SQL statement.
> Thanks
> Ravi

In order to have parameters, you have to have do things procedurally.
That means that to have replaceable values in your SQL (parameterized
queries and statements) you have to use a STORED PROCEDURE, a FUNCTION,
a prepared statement, or a user-defined function to encapsulate your

All of those features are new to MySQL as of v5.0.

Also, if your utime field is already a unix_timestamp value why are you
converting it to a date in order to compare it to the results of
another calculation?  In order to possibly use an index, you need to
leave it as a unix_timestamp value and convert your calculation to

WHERE utime >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP(CURRDATE() - interval 1 day)

That gets everything for the last 24 hours (exactly).  

The conversions all belong on one side of the comparison. Your fields
should not be part of a conversion or function if you ever hope to use
an index during the lookup phase.

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

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